Environmental science and community service at the University of St Thomas
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Stewardship Science combines environmental research with community service. It is managed by University of St. Thomas Biology faculty (Adam Kay and Chip Small) in partnership with St. Thomas undergraduate students and community partners. Our projects explore issues related to urban agriculture; urban ecology; yard, animal, and food waste recycling; and healthy food access.


What you’ll find on this site:

  • We manage several projects around the Twin Cities. You can learn about these by viewing our Projects tab.
  • For news on what’s going on in the garden, see the News tab.
  • Our blog features writings from Stewardship Science researchers (students and faculty) and partners.
  • For information about our community involvement, see the Outreach tab.
  • To meet our Stewardship Science students and faculty, see the People tab.
  • To get in touch with us, see the Contacts tab.



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